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The budget of an average American family

When you compare life, you have to compare yourself with your socio-economic category. Why look at the average figure that includes 18-year-old students, unemployed, retired people, and people who did not finish school? It is much more useful to look at the average figure that includes the same working professionals like you.

But, according to the numerous requests of workers, I bring my family's budget a bit more victoriously and without higher education. This is a collective image based on my family several years ago, and on the families of my friends and acquaintances. So a family of two people with one child. Mom works as an assistant in an accounting firm, gets about $ 39,000 a year, Dad sells cars. Pope income is less stable, but it turns out somewhere from $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 a year. I divided all expenses into 3 categories, depending on how much they are obligatory.

Very compulsory costs - you have to pay every month

1. Mortgage - $ 737 per month (consists of the mortgage itself - $ 587, property tax $ 120, and insurance - $ 30)

The loan amount is $ 116,000 at 4.5% for 30 years. Mortgage or rental housing is the main obligatory expense of American families.

In what house do they live for this considerable money? This is a house worth $ 145,000 with a garage, about 150 square meters, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room, and a fireplace. Sometimes with an extra basement.

2. Electricity and heating - $ 150 per month

Consumption depends on the time of year, but on average $ 150. In the winter heating up to $ 200 per month, in summer the air conditioner is up to $ 150 per month, in spring and autumn less than $ 100.

3. Water and sewerage - $ 35 per month

The account for $ 100 comes once a quarter.

4. Garbage removal - $ 25 per month.

Garbage from our house is taken 2 times a week

5. Payments on student loans - $ 0

What are student loans? Why is this necessary?

6. Credit for the car - $ 258 per month

Recently bought a new Toyota Camry for $ 18,500 and took a loan at 3% for 5 years. Another car is 6-year-old Hyundai Sonata, has already been paid. We will not ride it until the 10-year guarantee is over.

Total, very compulsory costs per month - $ 1205

Almost obligatory expenses, without which it is difficult to live

7. Food costs - $ 600 per month

In principle, we do not deny ourselves anything. We buy a couple of times a month in the neighboring Walmart / Target. Sometimes we call in Aldi.

8. For cable TV and the Internet - $ 85 per month.

Depends on the package of channels, and the speed of the Internet. At us not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. Internet is not required at all, neighbors have free Wi-Fi.

9. Gasoline - $ 350 per month, for two cars.

Before work, go about 20 miles to one side, where it's half an hour in time.

10. Servicing machines - $ 80 per month.

Once a year you need something to repair, well, and oil to change periodically.

11. Mobile phones - $ 100.

A family plan with two phones and virtually unlimited calls throughout the country.

12. Insurance for cars - $ 120 per month.

The insurance covers both civil liability and damage to our cars from accidents, theft, natural disasters, and vandalism. The deductible is $ 500.

13. Medicines - about $ 40 per month.

14. Medical insurance for the family- $ 385 per month.

15. Costs for the child's garden - $ 600.

A home garden at home with my mother who lives close by.

16. Everything Else - $ 500

Soap, toilet paper, everything else that people spend money on.

17. Life insurance - $ 0 per month

At work, some give.

18. Dental insurance per family - $ 123

He pays for the basic dental expenses.

19. Dog expenses - $ 30 per month

We cut our dogs ourselves, and mine ourselves. To the vet only for mandatory vaccinations and as needed. We buy food at Walmart. We give a bunch of scraps from the table.

Total, almost mandatory costs per month - $ 3013

Not absolutely compulsory expenses, without which you can do without, if you need

20. Lawn mowing - $ 20

I bought a lawn mower for $ 120, and a trimmer for $ 50. Sam sheared the grass as needed. The truth is that grass infection quickly grows in the summer. Neighbor's boy suggested cutting for 20k. And I happily agreed. Summer should be cut every two weeks, in winter it is not necessary at all. Lawn mower and trimmer sold at half price.

21. Cleaning costs at home - 0 per month

The house itself is vacuumed and wiped

22. The cost of restaurants - about $ 100 per month.

We go a couple of times a month to an average restaurant.

And leave there 30-50 dollars. For example, a sushi restaurant, or a Mexican restaurant, or there the Italian restaurant Olive Garden.

23. Entertainment expenses - $ 200 per month on average.

Cinema, amusement parks, sometimes theater, and concerts. Somewhere a couple of times a month.

24. Travel expenses - $ 200 per month, on average.

It is difficult to break down for a month. Once a year you can fly to Mexico, Florida, or the Dominican Republic on the beach. It costs as a rule $ 2000- $ 3000 per family with flight, accommodation, and meals. Well, sometimes we travel around the states in our own car, with a tent.

25. Costs for clothing - $ 100 per month

Of course not every month. When 0, and when $ 300 at a time for a sale. Clothing is generally cheap here, you can buy jeans for $ 20.

26. Contributions to additional accumulation funds (pension) - $ 500 per month (the employer adds $ 250)

Approximately 6% of the salary is put off for retirement. The employer picks up another 250 a month. With this accumulation, we will have more than $ 3,000,000 to pension. In addition to this, there will be a state pension somewhere around $ 1200 per person. Well, the mortgage will be fully paid. I think you'll have enough old age.

Total, not absolutely mandatory expenses per month - $ 1120

Summarize the expenses of the family:

Required - $ 1205

Almost obligatory - $ 3013

Not absolutely mandatory - $ 1120

Total expenses: $ 5338

The monthly income of the family after paying taxes is about $ 5,600. (They pay about 9% of the federal tax, 4% of the state tax, and 7.65% of the social tax). In December, it is customary to pay a small bonus, where about $ 1000- $ 2000 is obtained for a family. Total, after all expenses, there is somewhere around $ 4000- $ 5000 per year, which you can spend on your loved ones (well, or on unforeseen expenses).

P.S. For those who are worried about what will happen to the family if one loses his job - nothing terrible will happen. Will receive unemployment benefits, about $ 1200 a month. Will cut down some expenses - a kindergarten is not needed, you need less gasoline, you cannot pay contributions to pension funds, travel is postponed, and clothes are not bought. Well, if it is very tight, then in extreme cases, you can use retirement savings.